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Microwave cooking bags

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  • Potato Fabrics:Russet, Baked, or Mixed
  • Outdoor:Great Northwest, Brown Wild Animal Squares, or Birds & Barn
  • Food & Kitchen:Wine, Veggie & Fruit, Country Kitchen, or Retro Kitchen

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These washable microwave cooking bags are a "Must Have" item for a complete kitchen. They are mostly known for cooking the perfect fluffy potato but also work well for most vegetables such as; Corn on the Cob, Sweet Potatoes, Asparagus, and much more. Also work great to heat your Rolls or Tortillas before a meal and keep them nice & warm on the table while you eat.

Microwave instructions & matching card for easy gift giving are attached to each bag. Since these microwave cooking bags are available in over 75 fabric choices you are sure to find one for every style choice.

Cooking bags are made of made of 100% cotton, & regularly come in 9" x 11" size. A larger 11" x 11" size is also available for big tortillas or larger families for only $2.00 more.

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